Echidna activity

on 09 Aug 2016 

Echidnas – what incredible animals! Along with the Platypus they lay eggs... well, actually they lay a single egg that hatches after ten days. 

Over the past few months we've seen lots of Echidna activity at Boolcoomatta, with the previous owners on a recent visit commenting that they'd never seen Echidna activity like it in the 22 years they owned the property.

On a recent drive back from one of the dams where the kids and my wife Karen had helped repair and bury a water pipe, we came across this amazing creature crossing the road.

I am always fascinated by the local adaptations that occur with Echidnas. In Tasmania the Echidnas are very hairy to stay warm, whereas here, they've next to no hair.

Breeding time at present, so with so much activity already, this can only mean a good season ahead for these ancient animals.