Ecological Monitoring at the conservation support centre

on 18 Aug 2015 

While sitting in a meeting in the Bush Heritage Melbourne boardroom, I noticed a Little Raven fly back and forth to a particular plane tree outside our building. On closer inspection a pair of Little Raven's has made a nest in the middle of the city, about six floors above the bustling Collins Street!

Currently one of the pair is sitting on the nest, while the other comes and goes with food.  Thanks to Mr Wikipedia, some more info on their nesting behaviour...

The nest is a thin cup of sticks with a layer of bark, grass and wool to create a thick mat. Nests are commonly low to the ground (under 10 meters), often in a forked branch in the outer canopy of a tree. Nests in urban Melbourne have been increasingly found at greater distances above the ground, as have nests in areas where Australian ravens do not occur, suggesting that the lower nests eventuated when the little raven was in competition with its larger relative...A clutch can comprise up to six eggs, though usually four or five are laid, with four being the commonest number...They leave the nest at 33-41 days of age

So lovely to see these wild birds right outside our office, what a delight!