Carbon stuff

Published 25 Nov 2013 

I am quite sure most of you have heard of, and have opinions on, the Coalition Government Cleaner Environment Plan. Here is an extremely short overview in an attempt to put into context some of the things we are currently working on particularly around all things carbon.

The Coalition Government states that “The Australian Government's Plan for a Cleaner Environment - Clean Air, Clean Land, Clean Water and National Heritage‚Äč - will help realise the vision of a great society by protecting and improving our environment for future generations.‚Äč” 

The structure of this Plan is shown diagrammatically on the right. 

The Australian Government aims to reach its CO2-equiavelent emissions reduction target through its Direct Action Plan to efficiently and effectively source low cost emissions reductions.  This will be done primarily through the Emissions Reduction Fund. 

The Terms of Reference for the Emissions Reduction Fund was recently released for public consultation and we made a submission (427kb). The Government’s current timeline is to publish a Green Paper in December 2013 and a White Paper in early 2014 and they hope the Emissions Reduction Fund will commence on the 1st July 2014.

We will be keeping abreast of the Emissions Reduction Fund developments and influence it where we can as well as keeping an eye on any other developments.  

The Clean Energy Legislation (Carbon Tax Repeal) Bill and 10 other associated bills passed the lower House last week and are due to be debated in the Senate in early December.  However Labor and the Greens have the numbers to block them so watch this space…