WA Team Undertaking Regional Planning at Eurardy Station

on 24 Jan 2013 

Members of the WA team and  BHA staff from Melbourne are working from the 23rd - 25th of February to develop the first ever draft West Regional Plan.

The team have been joined on the phone by Pip discussing Conservation Strategies and Systems, Jim regarding Monitoring and Research, Eve regarding Health and Safety Culture, Fiona - People and Organisational Development,Sarah dicussing the Major gifts program and Dave covered Fire and Incident Management.

Other National Program Plans that the WA team have reviewed include Visitation, Media; Finance and Volunteering;

We have notived that the Finance plan has no detail in the metrics table - should we be concerned?

Big thanks to Annette Stewart and Claire for organising the sessions and to all the Bush Heritage staff whom contributed their support and enthusiasm.

Some pictures of the team in action are attached.