Erica Suosaari a 'Fresh Scientist' finalist

on 18 May 2016 

Bush Heritage Science Fellow – Dr Erica Suosaari – has been selected as a finalist in the 2016 Fresh Science competition. This great achievement has been awarded to Erica for her work on Stromatolites in Hamelin Pool, Hamelin Station Reserve, in Shark Bay, Western Australia.

Fresh Science is a national competition for early career scientists. Erica Suosaari is one of 10 finalists selected in Western Australia. 

Erica will have the opportunity to present her research findings to the public with the other finalists in early June. Erica will highlight her discovery of distinct regional differences in the form and structure of Stromatolites in Hamelin Pool. These discoveries represent fundamental advances in the knowledge of Shark Bay’s microbial system, laying a foundation for Stromatolite studies that will advance understanding of ecosystems on early Earth.

Luke Bayley, Bush Heritage Executive Manager for the West, commented, "Erica's selection in Fresh Science, is a great opportunity for Erica to share insights on her exciting and cutting edge research at Hamelin Pool. Erica’s selection to participate in this unique program highlights her incredible research capacity, vision and desire to share and grow science understanding and appreciation across the community. Fresh Science will provide an invaluable opportunity for Erica to further develop her science communication and leadership".

Congratulations Erica on this fantastic achievement!