Erosion sites and grass reveg

on 27 Apr 2015 

A little over a year ago we completed some erosion works but have had problems restablishing native grasses on the areas. Originally we broadcast seed and covered it with mulch and an adhesive to stop it blowing away. 

Now, in line with some of the grassland and forb patches we have revegetated (see earlier posts: Patch protection with Greening Australia; Phew, phase 2 complete for the year; The little sung beauty of a grassland) we thought we would take advantage of having this Greening Australia grass seeder machine that was (sort of) in the area for a while.

Thankfully it coped well with the terrain (despite being more used to flat, cultivated paddocks) and the residual weed and straw.

Fingers crossed we get some good results!

Photos Ben Hanrahan.