Ethabuka volunteers

about  Ethabuka 
on 27 Oct 2016 

Fourteen groups of volunteers in seven months kept us busy this year. Reconstructing and strengthening boundary fences was the top priority.

In one particularly mammoth undertaking, the volunteers managed to pull down and wind up 20km of fence in two days, what an effort!

On another day, two teams went out and put in an extra 2,000 posts at weak points along a fence to strengthen it.

Being a wetter year than others, sometimes the volunteers had to do jobs around the house – little projects that we normally wouldn’t get time to do. With an upcoming supporter trip it was a great opportunity to get the outdoor shower done – what a great way to recycle an old windmill!

We had the pleasure of hosting Meg and John Williamson and a group of their family and friends in July for three days. Our staff, Stacey and Matt, took them for a tour around Ethabuka. What luck that the rain had come and made the flowers and vegetation come to life, not to mention the birds and wildlife! On their last night we put a pig on the spit, together with the neighbours, volunteers and Jim Smith, who grew up on Ethabuka. The night turned out fantastically well and the pig tasted just as good.

The Williamson crew left just in time, missing out on a big dust storm that blew one of the sheds down. With Field Officer Thorton Kerr and volunteer Lucas Kerr on site we took the opportunity to rebuild the shed when it became too wet to continue with fire breaks and field work.

After finishing that and with it still being too wet to get out to do field duties Thornton, Lucas and Matt got started on renovating the office entry. With the framework done and waiting for decking boards to arrive Thornton headed for home while there was a break in the weather. It wasn’t a simple task of just heading to town though. It meant bouncing through neighbouring Carlo Station (over 90 dunes) then up to Cravens Peak and into Boulia – the same trip I had to do to get supplies the day before.

Our last group of volunteers arrived in September – perfect timing for the Bedourie Races. After a fantastic community event it was decided that Mick would head to Mt Isa before forecast rains set in. A perfect choice since it rained the very next day!

This year we're pleased to have managed to accomplish many jobs/projects with the help of our wonderful volunteers.

We want to thank all volunteers and supporting staff members this year for their contribution to Ethabuka.

Amanda Warr