Eurardy celebrates its tenth birthday

on 23 Sep 2015 

Recently a small gathering of supporters and staff came together at Eurardy to mark ten years since Bush Heritage purchased the property.

It was a beautiful day and we spent the time touring parts of the property to see various features and take in the stunning wildflowers.

We were pleased to welcome back Paul and Leanne Hales who were the first managers at Eurardy and celebrated ten years to the day since they had started in the job. Those who attended took the opportunity to have a look through old photos and share stories and fond memories of their time at Eurardy.

After coming to Eurardy recently it was a real pleasure to meet so many people who've helped build Eurardy and to learn some of its idiosyncrasies from those who've spent time here over the years.

I’ve also had the opportunity to see how much the contribution of volunteers and the community have been an integral part of protecting and rehabilitating the property.

I also had the opportunity to share some of my goals for Eurardy including beginning to re-vegetate cleared areas where natural revegetation hasn’t occurred, stepping up the pressure on weeds and feral animals and reinstating sound ecological monitoring so that we can see the difference that our hard work makes.

A major part of achieving these goals will involve increasing the involvement and connection with volunteers and the community and giving people the opportunity to develop that special connection with Eurardy.

The get together finished on Sunday with thoughts firmly focused on the next ten years and making sure that Eurardy is run as a model for other reserves to emulate and is recognised as the special and unique place that it is.