Eurardy Reserve called into fire action

on 13 Jan 2014 

Eurardy Reserve received it's call to arms recently with a lightening strike on the remote boundary of the reserve.

This happened on the same day and in the same week that numerous other fires hit the west coast in sweltering conditions above the mid-40 degree temperatures, and when houses were lost in the Perth foothills due to uncontrollable fire conditions.  Firefighters, dozer machinery, helicopters and Eurardy staff all pitched in to help tackle the wildfire that closed a major highway as the fire conditions deteriorated and the fire spread rapidly with the strong winds.  

Fortunately the combined fire fighting effort limited the fire to a relatively small area (< than 80ha) and Eurardy hospitatility saw the crews land at the homestead for an appreciative dinner and a couple of frosty's, before heading home to Kalbarri and Northhampton.  Several firefighters have taken up the accommodation offer provided by Ian Hamilton to rest-up for another day on the fire.

Fortunately very little fire impact affected the reserve, but with another wind direction it could have been a lot different result.  Many thanks to our local volunteer and professional fireys in the district who travelled many kilometers to support the firefighting effort, and who were very appreciatibve of Bush Heritage's support role in providing tank water, showers and accommodation (Hamilton entertainment) and fire fighting resources to help extinguish the blaze.