Eyes on the ground at Boolcoomatta

on 12 Jan 2016 

Four times a year at Boolcoomatta, 20 motion sensor cameras are installed in established locations around the reserve (see the camera location and landsystem map) to monitor the presence and absence of all fauna that passes on established tracks.

The images obtained through these cameras help inform our management, particularly in terms of the movement of introduced species.

Cats and a few pigs have been caught on the cameras in the past and management actions have been put into place to reduce their impacts on the natural values of the reserve.

Yesterday in the first hour of installing the cameras for the first time for 2016, I was fortunate to come across three of the larger reptiles we have at Boolcoomatta – the sand monitor (Varanus gouldii), eastern bearded dragon (Pogona barbata) and a large shingleback (Trachydosaurus rugosus). 

Each in their own way reminded me of the age of this land, of the resilience of some species, and of the protection Bush Heritage provides them.

All of this would not be possible without our supporters, in this case the Letcombe Family Trust from Adelaide. Thank you.