Family members lend a hand

on 12 Jun 2017 

After eleven years of helping out on Bush Heritage reserves, from cleaning guest rooms at Eurardy to putting up tents at Yourka, I’ve finally talked my Mum in to officially registering as a volunteer- just in time for her most exciting duty yet- data entry!

So, next weekend when I head to Yourka for a fortnight to help Paul lead the annual siam weed survey and treatment with a handful of other volunteers, Mum will travel up from Rockhampton to look after our three kids and, in her spare time, log on to the computer and help with the ongoing process of transferring our volunteer files across to CONNECT. Yay!

At Bush Heritage the generous support of family members has been a common thread across the country since the beginning. Lately, Jo has been raving about the incredible support Larissa’s folks provide to Hamelin and Lis’s husband Richard who does everything from tweeting to terminating melons.

Meanwhile, at Bon Bon, Clint’s family are currently caretaking and Michelle adds that Phil’s extended family at Scottsdale (including grown-up kids and in-laws) and Annette’s relatives in Tassie are also supporting work on those reserves.

At Naree, Sue has some extra Akers on site for a couple of months grading roads, cataloguing plants and helping in a variety of other ways. And in Qld, the Warr and the Wager clans get roped in to everything from fencing to translocating fish.

Even our city-based staff are in on the action. Stacey’s folks have just arrived home from another one-month volunteer stint at Ethabuka and I know that Bec’s Joh and Michelle’s son Seth both help out with design and desktop publishing projects.

I’ve missed many, I know and I apologise for that. In a similar way, our volunteer stats also miss recording a significant portion of the help that our families give. This is mostly because, like my Mum and Dad, they figure they're just helping Paul and I out, without considering or capturing their contribution to the wider organisation.

We're a family-friendly and a family-involving organisation. It’s something to be proud of. And whether they’re on-the-books volunteers or just rellies who pick up a tool and pitch in, we're grateful for the extended family that helps us achieve our goals.