Festival of the Birds in the South West

about  Monjebup 
on 20 Mar 2017 

This month Bush Heritage participated in the fifth annual South Coast Festival of Birds in South West Australia. Hosted by Green Skills and BirdLife Australia, this is a fabulous celebration of the extraordinary birds of the South West and the amazing work being done by non-government organisations, private landowners and citizens and public organisations to protect and restore bird habitat and to study and understand the birds of this region.

Bush Heritage participated in a the field trip to restoration sites in the South West (including our Monjebup Reserve) and a wonderful symposium at the Albany museum.

The Gondwana Eco restoration tour to Monjebup Reserve and our partner property Chingarrup Reserve was a fabulous day in the bush. 

Simon Smale, Bush Heritage Landscape Manager in the South West, gave a great overview of our restoration work at Monjebup Reserve and our work in using birds as an indicator of success.

At Chingarrup Sanctuary, owners Eddy and Donna Wajon, had stumble across an extraordinary Turtle Frog (Myobatrachus gouldii), a rarely-seen burrowing frog. According to the WA Museum this is one of the few frogs that skips the tadpole stage and can inhabit sandy areas without free standing water. Amazing!

The group were also lucky to have Nic Dunlop (Conservation Council of Western Australia) and his team of qualified bird banders demonstrate banding on a Purple-Gaped Honeyeater. Nic is running a great citizen science project in the South West this year monitoring the ecosystem health of the Gondwana Link (of which Bush Heritage is a part). Work will be conducted on Nush Heritage properties as well as our neighbouring partner properties.

The group also visited Yongergnow Malleefowl Centre in Ongerup (of which Bush Heritage though our ecologist Angela Sanders, has provided support over the years). The Centre will celebrate its 10th Anniversary on 8th April. If you're in the region you should go along!