Fire breaks and track works at Charles Darwin Reserve

on 27 Jun 2013 

Now that winter is upon us fire break and general track maintenance is occurring in earnest at Charles Darwin Reserve.

Richard Hamilton our  neighbor  and Manager at Wanarra Station has been contracted to undertake these important property management works. Richard is an extremely skilled  plant operator and works hard to ensure erosion issues are minimized and native plants and mulga ant nests are not unnecessarily damaged in the grading process. All works are occurring on existing tracks and fire breaks.

Following the grading works,slashing of fire breaks will commence using the Reserve Front End Loader.

The only down side about freshly graded tracks is that sharp items bought up by the grader  increase the number of punctures you get when driving around the Reserve - I have had three this week.

Its good being able to work with our  neighbors in this manner  as they know the landscape  and are supportive of Bush Heritage's values.

Pictures are included for your interest.