Firearms, rafts, quadrats and camp oven cook offs

on 24 Nov 2016 

This week began with a bang literally. We spent half a day inducting the rangers in the completed Bunuba Dawangarri firearms policy we’d developed. Then it was time for the fun stuff – the bangs! We put the rangers through firearms handling and live firing exercises, all focused on the professional and legal requirements for their safe handling and use in the workplace.

It follows hard on the heels of the Bunuba Rangers attending the annual Kimberly Land Council Ranger Smack Down.  All the Kimberly indigenous ranger teams annually come together for a training camp to share knowledge, strength and build personal and team capacity. It’s a Smack Down week of activities that included camp-oven cook offs, raft building, storytelling, charades, navigation and first-aid scenario exercises that don't feel like training at all.

These are examples of how our partnership is contributing to building the capacity of both the Bunuba Rangers and the governance of their public body corporate - Bunuba Dawangarri.

We have plenty of experience to share with Bunuba as it’s a path Bush Heritage is still travelling down. It’s all about ensuring the success of our partnership's shared social, economic and conservation aspirations. These are articulated in the Jalangurru Muwayi Healthy Country Management Plan that we just completed drafting.  

It’s been a huge 2016 for the Bush Heritage / Bunuba partnership and its worth reflecting on a few of our successes that your support has contributed to achieving in this partnership:

Importantly we negotiated a government salary and 12-month contract for a professional Ranger Coordinator that contributed to a return to full time work for the ranger team;

Additional fee for service salary for rangers to attend the Kimberly Wildfire & conduct Bio Security work

Won grant funding for rangeland monitoring training which immediately led to the rangers securing fee for service work installing monitoring plots for the WA lands department,

Development of a  Bunuba Seasonal Calendar encompassing traditional seasonal indicators and land use,

Agreements for the development of both an Ecologically Sustainable Rangeland Management Property plan (ESRM) and a fire management Plan for 500,000 ha of Bunuba rangelands pastoral lease country. These management plans will lead to the sort of future sustainable conservation & land management changes we desire.

It all bodes for a good 2017 and a future partnership that continues to deliver sustainable cultural and conservation outcomes.