First storms bring bush fires to Carnarvon

about  Carnarvon Reserve  
on 22 Jan 2013 

Morning Storms at Carnarvon

Daylight breaks at Carnarvon with the distant sound of thunder.

As a line of storms move slowly towards us, we watch in anticipation as a few small droplets are released from the skies above.

… and then it unfolds, the heavens open and the land begins to silently dance, as the ground takes its ever deserving fill, celebrating the first storms of yet another glorious wet season in the Carnarvon ranges.


Several big wet seasons in a row and now a slower start to this year’s storm season have provided some ideal conditions for bush fires across Carnarvon Station Reserve (CSR).  Fortunately at this stage, the fire is contained on three sides, due mainly to early season burns conducted by BHA and their neighbours, so it’s now a question of back burning that remaining side to totally contain the fire or allowing it to take its own course with a chance we may see some significant rainfall in the coming days, the latter being the preferred option in order to minimise the amount of burnt country throughout CSR.  Regional BHA staff and neighbours are on standby as we continue to monitor the situation, however, long term forecasts are not that encouraging, with no large rainfall events evident in the coming fortnight.

For the rest of the team at Carnarvon, it’s business as usual as we open this year’s school boxes and prepare for another year of distance education.  The fridges are stocked and the wet season jobs list is full so all we need now is rain and lots of it.

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