Flight Centre visits Nardoo Hills

on 07 Oct 2014 

An enthusiastic group of Flight Centre staff visited the Nardoo Hills Reserve (Victoria) on Wednesday 17th September to see first-hand the results of their contributions to our work. Flight Centre is a corporate donor of Bush Heritage, and donates every quarter through the Flight Centre Foundation.

It was a beautiful sunny spring day for the visit, however a chilly wind picked up as the group ventured up the hill. Reserve manager Jeroen van Veen was tour guide for the walk, and used a story telling style to share the ecology and function of the reserve.

One of many highlights of the day included stumbling upon a blue-tongue lizard that appeared to pose perfectly for our photos before slinking back under a log. The group was excited to find several orchids including a tiny Greenhood, Wax Lip Orchid and Northern Golden Moth, which one observant Flight Centre staffer picked as different to the Bulbine Lily, while the rest of the group walked by.

At the end of the day the group did a survey walk, where everyone walked in a line across the landscape to flush out any quails that might be hiding. No quails were found, but several different types of orchids were spotted.

The visit was organised to say a big thankyou to Flight Centre for their generous and on-going support. Without this kind of support, many of the rare plants and animals of Nardoo Hills reserve would not be present today. Thanks also go to Jeroen for delivering an interesting and inspiring tour of the reserve.