Foul play, accident or natural causes?

on 22 Feb 2016 

The recent discovery of deceased stumpy led to an unusual conclusion.

Driving along the track the other day to check a pump at our east station dam, the source of non-drinking water for the reserve, I noticed this sleepy lizard (bob tail or stumpy tail, depending what state or area you come from).

He was lying just off the track and I noticed that he hadn't moved as I approached and carefully went past. So I pulled up, got out of the ute and wandered back up the sandy track to inspect the situation.

At first I was sad to realise he was no longer alive and thought that, given he was on the side of the track, that a vehicle must have accidently run over him.

But after further inspection I detected natural causes.

A most unusual death by stabbing had occurred – something I've never seen before in 40 years of living in the bush.

The odds of a sharp enough stick being lodged into the softest area, that's least protected by ancient armour are so slim! All I could think was 'When your time's up, your time's up'.