Friday funds!

about  Yourka Reserve  
on 16 Nov 2012 

Hi Bushies!

A quick note to say that today I received notification that we have been granted $25,000 a year for the next three years to help fund the role of Legal Counsel, Sandra Anderson's role. I'm really pleased the Elizabeth Gabler Charitable Trust recognised the invaluable role this position plays in protecting biodiversity. Thanks to Pip and Sandra for collaborating with me on this proposal. 

The Elizabeth Gabler Charitable Trust has been a donor to Bush Heritage since 2007, so the past stewardship and engagement with the trust has of course had a huge impact on our continued ability to secure funds from them. So, it is worth passing on kudos to everyone who has been involved in their past acquittals, ensuring they received engaging, informative and timely reports. A particular thanks to Steve Heggie for pulling together the most recent acquittal. The report, complete with photos, did a great job of informing the trust about the impact of their funds on Yourka Reserve. 

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