Friday in Canberra

on 16 Jun 2013 

Travelled to Canberra last Thursday evening for a series of Friday meetings. Gave myself a three hour log in just in case of a delay. Turned out it was just enough as the airlines were in meltdown and a normal 45 hour trip turned to three hours. However got through OK and was up and about for Friday. Met with Louise first and covered a range of business issues and updates. Next met with Phillip Toyne AO, former President of Bush Heritage. Phillip has agreed to participate in the first stage of research for a History of Bush Heritage. Work to start soon by Dr Sarah Martin historian and author. More information of this project to follow.

Met with Mike Preece, Director of the BioBlitz program in the federal environment department. I'm keen to reinstate our relationship with the program and will follow up with discussions over the next few weeks. Also met with Dr Max Bourke, former lead person for the David Thomas Challenge and current President for the Capital Woodlands and Wetlands Conservation Trust. Max recently visited Naree in the company of friends and enjoyed the hospitality of David and Sue Akers. He was very complimentary of their work and of the property. Max is also a key figure in the establishment of the National Arboretum which is being established after the horrific Canberra Bushfires - his skills and knowledge in conservation, sustainability, land management and policy work are widely regarded.

Finally I met with a potential bequestor for a cup of tea and cake before heading back to Melbourne. The person is a life long conservationist but had never heard of Bush Heritage Australia. Its a good reminder that while we know a lot about our role and our business there are many people who are totally unaware that we exist. This is one of the reasons why we are running a major direct mail campaign to reach a new audience and extend our support base. Stay tuned for up[dates on results from the mail out.

PS. I've included a photo from the recent visit to Cape York and a welcome to country ceremony on the Massey River.

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