G'day from SA!

on 24 Sep 2014 

I have just returned from a field trip to Bon Bon Station Reserve for our annual monitoring activities. It was a great trip, particularly as I got to introduce Dr Aaron Fenner to our Bon Bon Reserve Managers Mike and Julia, and our Arid Zone Ecologist Sandy Gilmore.

Dr Fenner is the new Regional Ecologist as part of our partnership with Arid Recovery: the South Australian Rangelands Alliance. This partnership aims to strengthen our collaboration with Arid Recovery and to broaden our research scope within our existing South Australian properties. It is also aimed at engaging land managers in the Indigenous land management, government, pastoral, mining, and tertiary sectors as well as the general community. Aaron has an extensive background in arid zone ecology and has already managed to find a Kultarr at Bon Bon, which is a new and very exciting record!

Another emerging partnership is with the Traditional Owners of Boolcoomatta, the Adnyamathanha people from Nepabunna in the Northern Flinders Ranges, who are the custodians of the first Indigenous Protected Area declared in Australia: Nantawarrina. We're helping the Rangers with the development and implementation of their Healthy Country Plan - Yarta Warndu Ngarlpurla Nguthandha - with a focus on monitoring and Geographical Information Systems or GIS.

We're also looking forward to a visit from the Antakirinja Matu-Yankunytjatjara people to help us survey areas of Indigenous cultural significance at Bon Bon. This is part of our rabbit management program in addition to our broader property-wide cultural heritage surveys.

As you can see, there's a lot of great stuff happening, and I look forward to providing you with many more updates from the SA Arid Rangelands!