Go to Hamelin to look through a window to early life!

about  Hamelin Station Reserve  
on 14 Jun 2016 

Last week, Bush Heritage Research Fellow Dr. Erica Suosaari, from Hamelin Station Reserve, and eight other 'fresh' early career scientists had an opportunity to present their research to the public at the Brisbane Hotel in Perth City. Fresh Science is a national competition helping early-career researchers find, and then share, their stories of discovery.

The catch was that each scientist had to pitch their research in an engaging fashion in the time it takes for a sparkler to burn out!

Erica did a fabulous job. In her dynamic, passionate style she told the audience that, "Stromatolite-building microbial mats created early oxygen, which built up in the atmosphere, which is why life evolved – it's why we exist… I recommend that you all go to Hamelin and look through the window to early earth".

The group were then given approximately 10 minutes to write a limerick or haiku on their research. Erica quickly wrote the winning haiku:

Microbial mats
making rocks and oxygen
the reason you are alive

It was great to have the opportunity to see Bush Heritage supported research promoted in this forum.

Bush Heritage Science and Research Manager Jim Radford said:

Erica’s boundless enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge about the origins of life on Earth, as interpreted through the lens of the Hamelin Pool stromatolites, has been deservedly recognised by the Fresh Science Award committee. This award provides Erica with further opportunity to develop her already well-honed science communication skills and bring stromatolite research to the masses! It also provides great recognition of Erica’s leadership in this area and for Bush Heritage as we grow our science program. This is a tremendous boost from which the ambitious science program at Hamelin can only prosper.

Congratulations on a fantastic effort Erica.

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