Gondwana Link's National Wildlife Corridor visitor

on 24 Jun 2013 

Gondwana Link Limited's Keith Bradby recently hosted Bob Debus AM in the FitzStirling region of the WA South Coast to showcase the myriad of happenings in this important national wildlife corridor's program.

Simon and Dave joined with Keith, Amanda Keesing, Bob and his wife Leela for an evening of great conversation and talk of many of Bob's interests in his chair role of the National Wildlife Corridors Plan Advisory Group and of course the various State and Federal politics issues affecting the environment.  Extra points for effort on Keith's meticulous choice(s) of local red wines ...

Saturday's weather turned on a treat for visiting the FitzStirlings Peniup, Beringa, Cherininup, Nowanup, Monjebup and Yarraweha Falls properties with Bush Heritage able to tell it's investment story in great detail with plenty of time to explore the issues at play.  Bob and Leela met with partners and contractors like Eugene Eades, Noongyar elder and Justin Johnson, Threshold Environmental to go through the activities underway.

Bush Heritage and Gondwana Link Limited have a robust and very productive partnership that is getting stronger by the year.  After 10-yrs ongoing investment into this critical connectivity program, we should all be very proud of the achievements we've made in the FitzStirlings.  It is a unique conservation partnership but works to bring many various people together to share the vision.