Grassland reveg at Scottsdale

on 17 Apr 2014 

Here is an update on a the large reveg project underway at Scottsdale with Greening Australia. This project consists of some 90 km of direct seeding and 20000 tube stock and has been extended to undertake some initial grassland re-establishment. Effectively islands of flowers to help reintroduced the seeds and plants we want back into this landscape.

Initially two small sites in the middle of the reveg areas have been burned to remove excess weedy grasses and then had approximately 15cm of high nutrient and high weed content top soil removed .. our biggest two obstacles in grassland re-establishment.

This is then seeded with a specialised seeder brought up from Victoria and then fenced to keep out any herbivores, well about $8k of seed is worth protecting !! About half of this seed has been produced in our own volunteer run nursery and includes a wide range of grassland plants such as bulbines, trigger plants, chocolate nodding, yam daisies, blue devils etc etc

It is hoped that once the wattles and eucs establish they will aid the shift to a more appropriate soil which will then allow these plants with many other native grasses, from other areas of recently sown, to slowly once again dominate this valley floor ....