Green army

on 14 Sep 2015 

Over winter and some of spring and on a weekly basis the Green army from Canberra have been helping out with a number of projects around Scottsdale reserve.

There main objective was fence removal with some poa planting, tree planting and tree guard removal thrown in to change it up a bit.

Without a word of complaint these young men and woman headed off into the hills on the frosty, cold, wet and windy days removing the now disused fence lines. One particular fence that goes up over the hill to the western side of the reserve has probably only had a hand full of people walk up it since it was first put in.

It was always a pleasure to see where the army had been working with bundles of wire and fence post neatly stacked for easy removal.

With there time coming to an end a overnight camp at the shed on Scottsdale was arranged for the Thursday night, a good BBQ dinner and some time to reflect on there time on Scottsdale whilst sitting around the open fire.

On the Friday the team where all given there certificates of achievement and a few encouraging words from their team leader Brian and from other supporting groups. With their time up it was one last load up of the bus and they were on their way.

On behalf of Bush Heritage, Peter Saunders and myself I would like to thank the Green army for there time and effort here on Scottsdale and wish them the best of luck in there future endeavors.