Green Wednesday: Titum Arum

on 09 Jan 2013 

For those in Melbourne who knew of my excitement about the Titan Arum, I visited the flower over a few weeks during Christmas and my series of photos are here.

This is the flower in bloom, which was only for about 3 days and yes, it did smell!  Like rotten cheese, blerk!

Over last weekend it was announced that the Gardens had another Titan Arum flowering in a secret hothouse, and it was bigger than the first! Great news as they are able to cross pollinate the flowers.

Congrats to John Weigel, who broke Sean Dooly’s Big Year birding record with 745 Australia wide in 2012! John is the Park Director at the Aust Reptile Park in NSW and raised money for the Tassie Devils as part of his big year.

To win an AWARE wildlife 2013 calendar – a Quiz!! First to email with the correct answers, wins!

  1. Which order of insect has a new species discovered approximately every hour?
  2. Which bird needs 75 frames per second of film to make the film seem like it’s moving, instead of 24 frames a second for humans?  24 Frames a second for this bird would seem like a slideshow!
  3. Which fish has more tastebuds than any other creature?

(no discussion will be entered into – these questions are from QI and I trust the QI Elves!!)