Greening up at Cravens Peak

about  Cravens Peak 
on 17 Mar 2014 

During the past month at Cravens Peak and Ethabuka the country has transformed due to a number of rain fall events. Though some areas have received quiet patchy totals, the areas where falls were heavy and water has accumulated have evolved to another world.

The Mulligan River ran over the access road for a week and sometimes reached appeared over  2 meters in depth. These flows found their way down the catchment and helped fill Pulchera waterhole on Ethabuka. We only received around 60mm but neighbouring property in the catchment had totals of 120mm over the week.

The Georgina River between Cravens peak and Boulia has cut the road for the past month and is around one meter over the bridge still, though it has started to fall. The explosion in life has been unreal with aquatic life appearing in the water logged flats within day of the rain.