Gunduwa Young Leaders Program - Charles Darwin Reserve

on 23 Jul 2014 
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The Gunduwa Youth Leadership program is being funded by the Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association, which plans to bring together local Government, pastoral and agricultural businesses, Indigenous landholders, State government, community conservation groups and the minerals sector to further develop leadership in caring for the region's landscapes. 

Gunduwa was formed to enable members working on conservation initiatives to achieve more together, over a larger area than they could alone.

The Gunduwa Young leaders program was developed and is being run by the Perenjori and Morawa Shires with support being provided by Geraldton Regional Community Education Centre, Bush Heritage Australia and The Morawa District High School. This project is a great example of local partnerships and collaboration.

Bush Heritage Australia has taken a lead role in the establishment of the Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association. The Association is working across properties, industry sectors, community and ecological systems in the Southern Rangelands and Northern Wheatbelt. The focus is on approximately two million hectares bordered by Beacon, Wubin, Morawa and Paynes Find. 

Bush Heritage believes collaboration with land managers, research institutions, rural businesses, natural resource management groups, neighboring  pastoralists, scientists, local communities and volunteers is the most sustainable way to manage, monitor and control environmental threats such as invasive weeds, feral animals, bushfires and drought for protecting the long-term future of these areas.

Partners of the Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association include:

  • Bush Heritage Australia
  • WA Department of Parks and Wildlife
  • Northern Agricultural Catchments Council
  • North Central Malleefowl Preservation Group
  • Rangelands NRM
  • Shire of Dalwallinu
  • Shire of Mt Marshall
  • Shire of Perenjori
  • Shire of Yalgoo
  • Extension Hill Pty Ltd
  • Liebe Group and
  • Mount Gibson Mining Limited. 

See the Gunduwa Business Plan for more details on this partnership.

Learning about the night sky