Winter at Hamelin Outback Station Stay

on 10 Aug 2016 

Jackie Mahood is the Hamelin Outback Station Stay Manager. Jackie and her support crew – Denise and David – have had a busy past month at the Station Stay. Here Jackie provides some insights into life at the Station Stay in winter.

After a busy end to July with the school holidays, we hosted a film crew making a documentary on early life. The Hamelin Pool stromatolites were their focus as they provide a unique insight into Earth's history. Erica Suosaari worked with the film crew in the field and on the water before they departed for America where they'll complete filming the documentary.

We've made some great progress with getting our Hamelin Outback Station Stay Weed Field Guide developed. This has been possible though the the invaluable help of volunteers Charlie Nicholson and Geoff and Wendy Corrick. We now have some great laminated weeding guides that are easy for anyone to use, regardless of weed knowledge. 

I've set up a station outside the front office with buckets, weeding tools, gloves and 'Weed of the Week' cards. These laminated cards have photos of the weed and guidance for the novice weed hunter as to the best way to dispose of the plant. We hope this will encourage further engagement with our guests and the natural environment.

A couple of times a month Erica gives a talk to the guests at the Station Stay. They've been extremely well received and it's fantastic to see guests participating. They take a lot away from these presentations and it sparks some interesting conversations in the kitchen and around the dining table afterwards. These talks also broaden the guests understanding of the World Heritage area and the vital conservation role Bush Heritage Australia plays.

It's an amazing time to be at Hamelin at the moment. The wildflowers have started to bloom and there are carpets of yellow Everlasting Daisies everywhere.

As always, the Chiming Wedgebills are my constant companion here – up before dawn and singing into the early evening….beautiful! We're so lucky to have so many different birds here and I'm amazed by their beauty and habits.