Healthy Landscape Alliance – An inspirational collection of individuals

on 05 Mar 2014 

About 18 months ago I was sitting with a couple of leaders in Tasmania’s land and conservation management industry and sharing ideas I’d had to get a group of people together from different agencies to discuss, share and work towards a healthier state. 
As it happened, a group had recently been formed, the Healthy Landscape Alliance.  Gotta love it when stars align and others do the leg work!

So as we all would, I muscled my way into the group and was welcomed with open arms.  The group’s members include; Forestry, Hydro, UTAS, Greening Australia, Tasmanian Land Conservancy, 3 state NRM groups, State Government PAPL, Federal funding rep, Parks and Wildlife, and invited are Landcare, The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre and Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers.

The vision of the Healthy Landscapes Group is for a productive social, economic and ecological Tasmanian landscape of healthy ecosystems, integrated in meaningful and robust ways.

The last of the groups meetings was held at Oura Oura.  Oura Oura, where all people and cultures meet and all stories are told, was the perfect setting for this group.

The group has deliberately structured its objectives to remain apolitical, the four objectives are:

a) Effective communication and coordination between Healthy Landscapes Group members through:

     i)  understanding the individual goals and objectives of Group members

     ii)  recognising the unique strengths, experience and capabilities of each member and working collaboratively where possible to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort

    iii) sharing and exchanging information, knowledge and understanding

    iv)  identifying opportunities for Healthy Landscapes Group members and for the Healthy Landscapes Group as a whole to achieve the shared vision;

b) Improved strategic decision making of member organisations about natural resource management;

c) Improved leadership and coordination of landscape planning; and

d) Improved collaboration on projects to achieve the HLG vision in accordance with these objectives.

The meeting was productive, reviewed the vision, objectives, and membership and all programs shared what they were up to.

Oura Oura has inspired and empowered many ideas, for 35 to 35,000 years.

It is all our collective responsibility to maintain the energy of this globally unique and sacred place.


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