How it all happens ...

on 14 Nov 2014 

Well, Scottsdale Reserve is going to comfortably crack over a 1,000 days worth of volunteer labour again this year and a stalwart of that is Cliff Grant.

Averaging three one-week visits a year at Scottsdale Cliff helps out enormously with a range of jobs. From the completely mundane (he always does a run to the tip and empties the flys from the light fittings) to the challenging (weed spraying or fence removal).

Cliff maintains a safety-conscious attitude - if it's over 30 degrees you'll find him on the couch until evening when he starts again!

On his trips around the country he regularly helps at Nardoo Hills (several weeks a year) and has been to most of our reserves. Certainly a character with many stories, he talks often of the coldest night of his life, a gentle minus 10 degrees here in the shed one winter. 

Thank you Cliff for all your help!