How many rangers does it take

on 18 Sep 2013 

Mat Mc Lean & I pitched in on Saturday with 2 BHA slip on units, to assist QLD parks and the local fire brigade burn Round Hill & Sections of Deep Water National Park, neighbors to Reedy Ck Reserve.

It was partnerships at play with over 60 resources on hand and an Incident Control set up coordinating firefighting resources around a check board of 4 acre residential blocks and infrastructure. Assigned to the Parks team, the BH lads got the best of the deal block burning out the park sections while the rural and urban crews had to laboriously back burn off all the houses bordering the National Park.

A well-managed fire and another good exercise of resource pooling and partnering with our Reedy Creek neighbors, these are the crews who’ll be there when we need them.

Lesson of the day, we’ll equip ourselves with camp chairs next time for the lunch break. The only time the park crews were able to get one up on us.