How much does an eyeball weigh?

Published 19 Nov 2012 
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When asked to guess how much this little Honey Possum weighed one keen student said "about the same as an eyeball"! In fact it was around 4grams and it was feisty and keen to go.

It was captured in a pitfall trap during a fauna survey of Chereninup and Monjebup North last week. During the  week long survey we captured a total of 91 animals including pygmy possums, skinks and a lone frog.

The juvenile Western Banjo Frog was in a pitfall trap in the middle of the newly revegetated area of Monjebup North along with House Mice and a litter dwelling skink. Two school groups came out to learn about our restoration and see first hand the animals that are returning to the areas that were once cleared paddock.