Ken's fence removal contraption

about  Charles Darwin Reserve  
on 01 Sep 2016 

A small group of volunteers recently gathered at the beautiful Charles Darwin Reserve to help with infrastructure projects. One of the main projects was fence removal. Long-term volunteer Ken Walter has developed a device to improve the efficiency and ease of fence removal.

Ken stated,

I think you could call me 'sitting down on the job with Ken's Contraption' – a bit of gear I put together, which worked really well and meant I could remove over 600 metres of wire an hour.

Ken's partner in all things infrastructure for the week, Alan Hubbard commented,

The Infrastructure team made some serious inroads into removing old fences and yards and we also had a lot of fun with repairs and upgrades to the facilities around the homestead...(for me) a big part of the experience is that as well as doing some really useful things (you get to) mix with some wonderful people. The evening discussions ranged far and wide"

The great thing about working bees like this is that it has great conservation outcomes (removing fences), infrastructure is maintained, and everyone has a great week with old and new friends enjoying the peace of the bush.

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