Kids from Drysdale Primary are proud nature protectors

on 08 Dec 2014 

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Remi and Beau Pierson Cooper from Drysdale Primary school on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria. They dropped in to the Melbourne office with their mother, Linda, to pass on a donation collected and show us the incredible nature projects the Grade 5 classes had done to fundraise in support of Bush Heritage.

Remi is 11 and in Grade 5. He hopes to become a zoologist and help out at the local wildlife centre - Jirrahlinga, which is in Barwon Heads. In the meantime he's passionate about learning more about threatened plants and animals, especially in his local area.

Beau, who is in Grade 3, had the idea to do a fundraiser and Remi wanted to see if the whole school could get involved. He spoke with his teacher who suggested he see the Principal with some options on how it might work. The Principal liked the idea but thought the school already had too many commitments and suggested they put a presentation together for the Grade 5 teachers to see if they could get something going on a smaller scale. 

The teachers loved the presentation and the fact that the boys had made it an inquiry and learning process too. So Remi and his friend Shannon De Costa gave a PowerPoint presentation to all Grade 5 students explaining about Bush Heritage (using our marketing material) and how the money would help.

For the duration of a week each student picked an Australian animal, researched it’s habitat, food, etc., created a poster-style report (as seen) and at the end of the week donated a gold coin.

There are three Grade 5 classes and they raised $60 and a whole lot of awareness.

Next year Remi hopes to run for School Council and create an event for the whole school!