Kimberley IPA declarations

on 24 May 2013 

The Kimberley Land Council extended their invitation-only International Rangers Forum event to Bush Heritage this week.  Indigenous ranger groups from around the State and from Mexico attended Gambanan Camp (near One Arm Point, north of Broome) to workshop, network and celebrate the group IPA declarations in the Kimberley region. 

There were formal signings of the Wilinggin, Balanggarra, Dambimangari and Bardi Jawa Indigenous Protected Areas.  Bush Heritage participated with the Uunguu Rangers from Wunumbal Gaambera in the event to share information and discuss many of the significant Indigenous happenings across the top end of Australia.

Many of the attendee's are now on-way towards the World Indigenous Network conference in Darwin, where Bush Heritage will have further representation with many of our Indigenous partners and fellow NGO's.