Landscape change, hail across the land

on 17 Nov 2016 

Around 5pm last Thursday night we experienced an amazing storm that brought with it dramatic clouds, horizontal rain and large hail stones.

Fortunately at the homestead area hailstones were only about the size of a large marble and perfect to drop into a gin and tonic. 

This storm, however, was far more intense north of the homestead and in Broken Hill.

In those spots it produced squash ball size and bigger hail stones, along with torrential rain that has had a big impact on a large area of the north-western corner of the reserve.

We found many lizards, a roo and an emu killed in the storm – there's not a lot of shelter in this area. No doubt more casualties are out there.

You'll notice in the images that I've photographed areas with and without hail damage. It's almost like a fire has been through and then rain, but there is no sign of fire. Much of the exposed vegetation in some areas has been completely stripped, snapped, smashed and then washed away!

I think it will re-sprout over time, but the structure is so smashed it's hard to know what form it will take.

[click on the following images to zoom them]