Layers of the land

on 18 Jan 2016 
Boolcoomatta sunset.

Many thousands of generations walked over this land before we arrived to now share the responsibility of caretaking it for future generations.

The Adnyamathana (Udnya mat na) people are the traditional owners of the land the Boolcoomatta lease sits within, and we're proud to be working with them now and into the future.

A recent exploration found a cave with Aboriginal paintings, discarded stone tools and the remains of tools being made. Their innovation and insight is nothing short of inspirational.

At another location on a granite hill we have a large Gnamma Hole (Aboriginal rock well), along with many other water holding depressions. The Gnamma hole is as deep as my arm is long and estimated to hold 200 litres of water.

This is one of thousands that scatter the Australian landscape. They were essential watering points between natural springs for people moving through the land.

The images show a supporter uncovering the capping stones that prevent animals from drinking or falling into the water and prevent evaporation.

Across much of the reserve we have old oven sites (earth pits, lined with rocks), stone flakes and energies that are at times hard to name with modern terms.

We're privileged to be caring for this land and working with the traditional custodians. I'm looking forward to more treasures that the spirits and sand might uncover over time.

Boolcoomatta sunset.