Leaning Tree Ecology Camp - Update Two. Weeding at Edna Springs and Cleaning out Gnamma Holes

on 19 Sep 2012 

Leaning Tree  Ecology Camp well and truly underway at Charles Darwin Reserve.

Enthusiastic school kids from Geraldton Leaning Tree Primary School removed a large bunch of weeds at Edna Springs. These weeds were located at the head waters of Edna springs and their work will help prevent further infestations. The students with the help of their teachers and Bush Heritage staff located and cleaned out some important Gnamma holes. Gnamma holes are important cultural sites for the local Aboriginal mob  - the Badimia people. Gnamma holes hold and collect clean water for drinking.

Spotlighting tonight for geckos and nocturnal birds and then more weeding and erosion control activities.

These activities are part of their 4 day camp sponsored by Bush Heritage Australia, Northern Agricultural Catchments Council and Iluka Minerals.