Successful Funding Application for the Liffey Valley

on 27 Aug 2013 

Earlier this year I instigated the development of a project that ended in a grant submission in partnership with Greening Australia for weeding, revegetation and river stabilization of the Liffey River, from our Liffey River Reserve through the valley and terminating at the junction of Bracknell Road, approx 14kms of river.

On Friday last we learnt that this grant application was successful!

In early discussions of this project, we agreed that Greening Australia should be the lead agency as they specialize in this work, however Bush heritages role, my role is that of community engagement.  The project will incorporate field days for sharing of skills and knowledge amongst the community and working bees for revegetation and weeding work. 

The overall project is for half a million over three years and will put a fair percentage of these dollars directly back into local contractors and other service providers. 

I am very pleased with this outcome and feel that this is a good example of the Bush Heritage Healthy landscape approach to conservation.  The Liffey Valley and River, connect the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area with the most productive agricultural landscape in Tasmania.  Our reserves and other private reserves in the valley, remind us all of the need to link conservation with production in a way that can be lasting. 

I'll keep you all posted of future events surrounding this, and expect that events like "Blues For the Bush" will now migrate to other locations like the Liffey valley, using music and food to bring people together, and strengthen the sense of ownership throughout the broader community.



PS: That is Bob Brown on the edge of the Bluff!