Local students learning to use remote cameras

on 18 Mar 2015 

Working with our partners in the Kosciuszko 2 Coast (K2C) project we hosted a visit of eight adult students from the local Canberra Institute of Technology.

An excellent overnight visit was had as they worked out how to use and where to place remote sensing cameras for best effect.

A short survey in time, but with excellent results as there were surprisingly few false triggers from blowing leaves/grass, etc. (although there were some strange human triggers at times, plus some unexpected and excellent music for the evening!)

The students emailed in afterwards:

"We really enjoyed the opportunity to come out and practice out remote camera survey techniques. We appreciate you having us on your beutiful proeprty and would really like the opportunity to do it again! Thank you for our time and allowing us to be part of the Bush Heritage experience. It was a great learnning experience, we had a great time." 

And so did the lecturer:

"In planning my trip to Scottsdale I had anticipated no more than trying out some newly taught techniques in the field... but what actually happened was an engaging and surprisingly relaxing 2 days! We went to places on Scottsdale that I'd never been before and the students were completely stoked from the moment they drove through the gate. The drive around the property as we set up the cameras invited many conversations about environmental niches, land management, restoration techniques and ecological communities. It was the classes' first opportunity to camp out and really get to know each other and the fact that this could be done around a camp fire with a few didgeridoos and drums just made the experience all the more special. I hope to use Scottsdale as a site for many more fieldtrips and really appreciate the support that we received from Peter from Bush Heritage, and Lesley from K2C in planning and running the fieldtrip."