MEDIA RELEASE - an amazing new discovery - Mallee Fowl nest

Published 11 Oct 2012 
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Mallee fowl nest<br/>Amazing new discovery Mallee fowl nest
Amazing new discovery

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Bush Heritage scientists make an amazing new discovery of an active Mallee Fowl nest.

This is not only an important sighting of a rare and endangered species but it significantly extends their range, giving greater hope for the survival of the species.

Previously only known in dry, arid and semi-arid, mallee country, the discovery in the Edinburgh Gardens in North Fitzroy gives hope that the species can adapt to a drying continent, which climate scientists say is inevitable even under the most optimistic climate change scenarios.

While it will take a serious science program to confirm how the Mallee Fowl arrived at the Edinburgh Gardens, the most likely theory is that they were attracted by the sound of the drums and lights of the fire-twirlers that traditionally migrate to the gardens with the first warm spell each Spring.

Bush Heritage's Melbourne office is unusually quiet this week as the entire science team is camped at the North Fitzroy Bowls Club barhide watching the mound and associated activity.

Also out of the office, and believed to be in the North Fitzroy Bowls Club hide, are the partnerships team who are in the middle of tense negotiations on a long-term, partnership with the Yarra Council to secure and protect this important habitat.

Yarra Council officers have acted quickly to offer Bush Heritage a permanent office under the Rotunda, and candidates in the November council elections are queuing up for photo opportunities. 

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Mallee fowl nest<br/>Amazing new discovery Mallee fowl nest
Amazing new discovery