Michael Tichbon Field Station progress

Simon Smale
Published 18 May 2018 
about  Monjebup Reserves  

The Michael Tichbon Field Station.<br/> The Michael Tichbon Field Station.

‘Plan the work, work the plan’ has always been my professional motto. And that’s exactly what’s happening on our Red Moort Reserve. I was out yesterday with Julie and Grace, the architects from Albany-based H+H Architects, for our monthly progress meeting on site with builder Katie Woodhams. It's always so exciting seeing progress! The shot taken on Wednesday from the same perspective as the drawing shows the facility really taking shape now.

Steel for the ‘gathering space’ was delivered only on Monday, and it’s framed up already. One crew was starting on verandahs Thursday, while the other was starting on the dormitory building that forms part of the enclosure for the central courtyard behind this set of four buildings across the north side. And the electrician is on the job wiring up. Builders are still running 2–3 weeks ahead of schedule, and we’re having a dream run with the weather. It’s not good for our neighbours with canola seed in the ground waiting for rain, but it’s perfect for the build.

The verandahs and decks that link all building units will tie the whole complex together beautifully and provide wonderful outdoor spaces for the many volunteers, researchers and visitors who will use the Field Station.

The construction of the field station has been made possible by a generous donation from private philanthropist Michael Tichbon and a grant from LotteryWest.

Exciting times ahead for our program on the South Coast of WA!

The Michael Tichbon Field Station.<br/> The Michael Tichbon Field Station.