Much needed rain at Charles Darwin Reserve

on 27 Apr 2014 

Most of the clay plans and samphire systems around the Reserve have several inches of fresh water in them and are now full. Amongst the York Gum woodlands there is also much water pooling and slowly seeping into the soil profile. All the Gnamma Holes (Aboriginal Rock Holes) are filled with fresh water and the granite outcrops are alive with lush green lichen and aquatic macro invertebrate activity. 

As management on the Reserve has focused tirelessly over the past decade on controlling feral herbivores (mainly goats) the landscape is in great condition to receive and utilize this rain. Very little erosion has occured and the water that is collecting is of very high quality.

This rainfall event will give a much needed reprieve to the native plant and animals that have struggled through the most recent hot and dry summer.

All the tanks around the homestead and volunteer quarters are full of lovely fresh rain water ready for the busy winter and spring conservation works season.

Charles Darwin Reserves annual rainfall is 280.00mm.