My poor country

on 21 Apr 2013 

A month ago I blogged about the extreme dryness we are experiencing in north central and north western Victoria and the associated tree deaths that could be seen. This is a follow-up blog as things have not improved but new developments add to this story. It still has not rained significantly since August last year. That is now 8 months with a total of 42 mm.

New developments include a sudden increase in kangaroo roadkill as farmdams are drying up and mobs are starting to move for water. My own dam on my homeblock has now dried up and I have to spend more time on water carting to keep the veggies and pets happy. This week there were fresh kanga carcasses along all roads in and out of Wedderburn, it's a noticeable trend.

Last week I did my annual kangaroo monitoring in the district and although the stats still need to go through the departments' formulae to determine the number/km2, it looks to me, just seeing the raw data, that there are probably less roos about for the first time since we've owned Nardoo Hills. Another trend is that the diversity of birds coming to our birdbath under our kitchen window is increasing, with now also species that normally hang out high in the canopy coming down for a drink. We now also see daily visits by Yellow-tufted and Black-chinned Honeyeaters, species we did not see there often before.

Nardoo looks pretty shocking. Some sections look as if we had a bushfire go through, even though we managed to keep fire away all summer. Normally winter brings relief with at least some rain, but in the last ten years we've already had one without any rain at all and last year was pretty poor too, so it is no guarantee. I've got no idea what to do when no rain comes soon and more and more yellowbox start dropping off.