Nardoo Hills Guided Tour

on 21 Mar 2016 

Last weekend Bush Heritage hosted a guided visit of Nardoo Hills Reserve in support of National Eucalypt Day.

Among the events held, was a guided tour of Nardoo Hills reserve hosted by our Reserve manager Jeroen van Veen and Alison Teese – Chair of the Bjarne K Dahl Trust.

It was a glorious day shared with supporters, local residents and Bush Heritage staff.

We wandered the hills with Jeroen, who with his in-depth knowledge of these natural land systems was able to open our eyes  to the amazing coping mechanisms of plants and animals impacted by drought and the end of a summer season.

He explained how understanding the local conditions at play in the context of the wider landscape is vital when deciding management priorities and planning our conservation work.

Alison presented an engaging overview of the Dahl Trust and the work it does to protect our precious Eucalypts through its support of organisations such as Bush Heritage.