Naree little gem..........

on 11 Mar 2013 

A little gem found at Naree...

This little plant has been found growing in Back Creek, the southern boundary of Naree Station. It is a prostrate plant with grey-green leaves, each measuring 1mm long and 1mm wide, hardly noticeable as the foliage is almost the same colour as the grey clay soil of the dry creekbed. It grows in circular clumps of between 15 and 25cm in diameter and has little white flowers 3mm across. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, has identified the plant as Dentella minutissima, a member of the Rubiaceae family and listed as Endangered  under the Threatened Species Conservation Act NSW. In NSW the only other known location is Nocoleche Nature Reserve.

When Al Dermer and Phil Eulo were visiting the station last Wednesday, 6th March, we found another little population of Dentella minutissima on the dry lake bed of Coolibah lake. Al is seen here taking GPS co-ordinates for this location. Thanks Al.

On Thursday, 7th March, new managers, David and Sue, took over the management of Naree and Ron and I drove out, heading for home after 4 months there. To those in Bush Heritage who have assisted us in this remote location of Australia, thank you very much. A particular thank you to Al for all you have done for us to make life a little easier.

Ron and Dianne Davies