Navigating the way to work

on 20 Nov 2014 

It's that time of year again… Long-Necked Turtle time! They were all over the road on the way to work this morning. Gotta feel for these mamas. Full of eggs, and just wanting to get from Lake Seppings (near Albany, Western Australia) on the left hand side to the sand dune on the right to dig a hole and lay them, then get safely back again.

But what a perilous prospect we've made it for them, bisecting two key elements of their habitat by building a major road between. Duh!

As if they don't have enough to contend with already, with the black ravens watching and waiting and ready to devour their cargo of eggs as soon as they've delivered them.

I have to say, most folks are pretty good, and take notice of the 'Slow - Turtles Crossing' signs. But really, with the way we design 'our world', is it any wonder so much wildlife (including these guys) is so seriously on the wane?

I note that legendary biologist and ecologist E.O. Wilson, famous for his ant studies and ecological theory including that of island biogeography, now 85 and as passionate as ever, is advocating a 'Half Earth' proposition as the only way we'll sustain wild species - half for us, half for them.