New flora, new fauna

on 23 Dec 2014 
Blue Devils

The newly created grassland patches at Scottsdale (see earlier post 14 Nov) created with the help of Greening Australia, have seen some good germinations.

There was perhaps a little too much weed in one of them - skeleton, thistle and oats being the primary offenders. So after some generously donated labour from Sue, Bob and Jenny much of it was removed and looks the better for it.

This should make further germinations more viable, but the site may, of course, need more of the same care later in the year, because it rained a lot just after their work!

A few days before, while exploring the other patch with Sue McIntyre and Jon Lewis, Jon found this tussock skink. It's a new species for the property (which is quite amazing given the amount of reptiles we already have and the monitoring we do with Bret Howland).

Bret is also working up a relocation project for the striped legless lizard from a development site in Canberra, which we hope to be able to report on next year.

Blue Devils