New reserve! New reserve!

Published 30 Apr 2013 

Just as the Navara was turning its nose onto Roger's drive the familiar beep of the phone signaled the message I had been waiting for had arrived. Sandra's SMS confirmed the cheque had been delivered and the "Spring Paddock" is now officially ours.

I showed Roger the message triumphantly with one hand while holding the bottle of bubbly aloft with the other so I'm not quite sure which hand made his eyes light up. Nearly three years of negotiating had come to an end and the next 200 hectares of the Nardoo ridge had just been included into the Bush Heritage estate. A great moment indeed.

Congratulations to Kate, Eleanor, Sandra, Annette S, Roger, Dave B-G, Doug H, the Barnet family, Vic M and Tim Read and the others at TFN, Jen, Ralph, Jim, Paul F and the others involved in this one, all your efforts have paid off.

Thank you all.