Northern Tales

on 12 Jun 2013 

Have been on the road a lot lately with commitments in both the north and Tasmania. Getting to see a lot of airport lounges and living from the suitcase. Lots of upside with the warm air of the north and amazing experiences both in Darwin and on Cape York. Darwin saw a group bushies (Pip, Emma, Justin and Tom along with David Rickards and I) attend the inaugural World Indigenous Network Conference.

The conference was a great event with people from all over the world presenting their thoughts and achievements. Our partners from the Kimberley, western Arnhem Land and Cape York were prominent as they presented their work and plans for future caring for country activity.

Tom and Justin featured in a session focusing on partnership development and reporting on progress in key activities. There were many of our partner and stakeholder representatives at the event and we were able to catch up on issues and opportunities around the country.

The conference was also an opportunity to meet a major supporter from overseas and develop ideas for future work on Cape York. I’m pleased to say that the trip was very successful, culminating in a special event on the Massey River on eastern Cape York. The event was a celebration of the partnership between Umpila and Bush Heritage and a commitment to work together in the future.

Our major donor was deeply moved by the warm welcome from the community as I was with the opportunity to see this special part of Australia. This small note can’t convey the remarkable experience but I want to thank Pip, Emma, Justin, Tom and David R for their work over the length of the visit. Well done guys! I look forward to a long relationship with the people of the north and great caring for country outcomes.